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Endurance sports – lasting 1-3+ hours.

These sports have the greatest weight of evidence for the use of caffeine as an ergogenic (performance boosting) supplement. Caffeine can be taken either before the start or spread out during the event, especially as fatigue starts to set in. Different methods will work better for different people so this might need some experimentation to see what works best for you as well as what works best given other conditions and race scenarios.


Example of use in a triathlete or cyclist competing in a

4hour+ race:

– Option 1: Pre race consumption – Several strips

taken in the 30 mins prior to race start (number will depend

on weight of athlete as well as individual sensitivity).

– Option 2: Single strip taken pre race then additional

single strips taken at planned intervals throughout event.

– Option 3: No strip pre race. Single strips taken at

regular intervals throughout event. 


Ultra-endurance races – lasting 10-48 hours.

As for endurance sports, ultra-endurance events have good evidence for the beneficial effects of caffeine. Best taken spread out throughout the event. It is also worth noting that for ultra-endurance (and endurance) athletes, gastrointestinal (GI) complaints are common. Traditionally caffeine has been pointed out as being a major contributor to the increased risk of these episodes of GI distress28. Orally absorbed caffeine, such as that delivered by Revvies Strips may eliminate GI complaints due to caffeine use, while still providing the performance benefits.