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Revvies Energy Strips Innovate Again | Crowdsourced Equity Raise

Revvies’ Perky Investment Opportunity

As you might have guessed we love being innovative which is why we have decided to become one of the first Innovative first companies in Australia to offer our customers (and others) the chance to purchase a piece of our business through new regulations that allow crowdsourced equity funding to occur.

With Revvies used by athletes like Eloise Wellings, Jessica Trengove and Charlotte Purdue, plus more than 20 teams competing in the NRL, AFL, Big Bash, Super Netball and Super Rugby Revvies, we sometimes jokingly describe Revvies as the most used sports supplement people have never heard of, which is great (and we think a little funny) but also a little frustrating, so we decided to seek extra funds to help us raise Revvies’ profile faster.

The reason we selected a crowdsourced fundraise over traditional methods is that it means that people that know and love Revvies, and who have been responsible for our success to date, are able to be part of our future success. We also get the benefit of having a group of people truly invested in our brand, who, we hope will be motivated to let even more people know about the advantages of using Revvies.

Our Offer is being managed by OnMarket, so if you’d like more  information about the raise or to review the Offer document head over to their website

**Equity crowdfunding is risky. You should consider the Offer document and the general risk warning in deciding whether to apply.