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Revvies Energy Strips Innovate Again | Crowdsourced Equity Raise

Revvies’ Perky Investment Opportunity

As you might have guessed we love being innovative which is why we have decided to become one of the first Innovative first companies in Australia to offer our customers (and others) the chance to purchase a piece of our business through new regulations that allow crowdsourced equity funding to occur.

With Revvies used by athletes like Eloise Wellings, Jessica Trengove and Charlotte Purdue, plus more than 20 teams competing in the NRL, AFL, Big Bash, Super Netball and Super Rugby Revvies, we sometimes jokingly describe Revvies as the most used sports supplement people have never heard of, which is great (and we think a little funny) but also a little frustrating, so we decided to seek extra funds to help us raise Revvies’ profile faster.

The reason we selected a crowdsourced fundraise over traditional methods is that it means that people that know and love Revvies, and who have been responsible for our success to date, are able to be part of our future success. We also get the benefit of having a group of people truly invested in our brand, who, we hope will be motivated to let even more people know about the advantages of using Revvies.

Our Offer is being managed by OnMarket, so if you’d like more  information about the raise or to review the Offer document head over to their website

**Equity crowdfunding is risky. You should consider the Offer document and the general risk warning in deciding whether to apply.

Running Goals? Let’s Do This!

We asked motivation master and Accredited Running Coach, Damon Bray to provide some top tips to start and keep us running in 2018: 

You’ve either said your goal out loud and posted it online or a friend has mentioned theirs to you, right? If you haven’t that’s okay because we’ve got the motivational team at the ready when you do put pen to paper or most importantly –

ENTER THE COMP and commit to that 2018 running goal.

  1. Do it for a cause: If it’s your first parkrun or you’re stepping up from a Half Marathon to tackle the Full 42.2km, you need to put in the training, which we absolutely agree can be challenging, but doing it for others less fortunate than you, along the way such as The Love Mercy Millions Challenge  can make it more rewarding when you’re logging those training runs each week.
  2. From the ground up: you need to be prepared for the long runs the hill repeats and those faster interval sets and it all starts with comfort. We’ve all had them and if you’re new to the running game you need to avoid blisters, hotspots and other irritation caused by sub-standard products on your feet, this will let you focus on being a better and more comfortable runner for 2018. Our great friends at Feetures! & Topo Athletic work together to keep your feet in a healthy, natural environment, allowing for better running form & pain-free running. Only available at Injinji Performance
  3. The motivation to overcome/push-through: fatigue can come from a variety of sources, and one of the most proven ways of getting you through that – “ My legs hurt too much. I can’t finish my run.”, is Caffeine. Now the last time we were out running, it was hard enough putting one foot in front of the other, let alone carrying a few cups of coffee to get us to the end – Hence why the convenience of having a Revvies in the pocket is so handy., that you can easily place on your tongue when that fatigue feeling hits you will get you back home.
  4. Do it with a friend – They say having a Goal without a plan is just a Dream so grab that new running partner of yours and set out what your training will look like as you head toward that 1st parkrun, marathon or possibly a personal best at Ultra Trail Australia – Where do you start?? Checkout some likeminded people that have been there and done it and read about their experiences and what motivated them in magazines such as R4YL.
  5. Get the right support – You’re almost ready to launch into 2018 well and truly prepared for your own running mecca and what better way to make new friends or grab that running buddy of yours and join a Running Group to keep you accountable and help you with a few of the finer points of running – The Running Movement are a wonderful recreational runners resource and you can easily join them at their Running Groups  and Strength Classes or if you can’t make the classes they’ll allocate you your own personal running coach to help your training in 2018 online.

Time to Get it Done… GOOD LUCK! (But now we know you won’t need it – because you’re prepared and motivated).


An elite runner, triathlete and duathlete, Damon’s represented both his state (NSW) and Australia.

Damon’s been a lover and student of running ever since his mum, Kerry coached him as a child in primary school. He’s run every distance up to a marathon and finished at the pointy end most times. Damon has now turned his hand (or feet) to the trails, as he looks to go top 10 at Ultra Trail Australia.

Damon is a Level 2 Advanced Athletics Australia Running Coach and the Co-Owner, with his good friend Andrew Lennon, of The Running Movement. A big believer in improving each and everyone’s lifestyle through recreational running. Damon founded 4 parkrun’s around his home in the South of Sydney: Menai; Cronulla; Panania; and the most recent Dolls Point.

If you’d like any extra running tips or want to learn a bit more about what Damon and The Running Movement can do to ensure you RunHappy then pop him an email,

Caffeine Receptors in Mouth

Pip Taylor knows all about caffeine, as a professional athlete and sports nutritionist Pip believes Revvies caffeine infused mouth strips offer atheletes a faster and healthier alternative to existing products. “Because of my profession I am acutely aware of what I am putting into my body. I know the benefits, but also the pitfalls of caffeine. Taking the right amount, at the right time and in the right way, can improve physical performance, increase alertness, improve memory and positively affect moods. But it is also true that taking too much caffeine can have detrimental effects on performance and well-being. I believe that Revvies have found the right balance with their strips.”

“When I first came across the Revvies product I was intrigued. I knew the ultrathin format would mean much faster absorption of a known quantity of caffeine, without sugar or engaging the digestive system. All important considerations for athletes and performance. So after examining the ingredients I tried some during different training sessions and during my day. They are great. I find it so convenient to be able to keep them tucked into my training gear. I also have peace of mind as the product is certified through the Informed-Sports programme.”

Pip loved the product so much she developed this e-book to help all athletes navigate the murky waters of caffeinated products, here she explains how you too can get the most out of your caffeine boost during a workout and why Revvies are a truly innovative product that is set to change the way we do caffeine forever.

Link to e-book download