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Golf Performance and Revvies

Golf and caffeine: Is the Secret Out of the Bag?

Many golfers have a little caffeine pick me up pre and/or mid round to help their energy levels, but this boost might also be giving them an advantage on the scoreboard. According to a recent US study, moderate amounts of caffeine can improve performance by combating fatigue, shaving about two strokes off the scores of skilled players (handicap between 2-10).

“Getting your total score lower by even one stroke, that could be the difference between getting into a tournament and not. For a skilled golfer who plays two days in a tournament just to get into the earnings rank, two strokes is huge,” said senior author Dr. Kaelin C. Young of the Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine, also on the Auburn campus.

There are many sources of caffeine, including coffee, tea, energy drinks and shots, but a growing number of club and elite golfers are turning to Aussie innovation, Revvies Energy Strips as they provide a safe, consistent, sugar-free boost in a fast dissolving mouth strip that fits easily in any trouser or club bag pocket.

“As a Performance Golf Coach I am always looking for ways to improve athletic performance on the golf course. Without a doubt fatigue is one of the key areas for poor performance and loss of concentration in my students. When I was first introduced to Revvies I was interested to see the positive or negative results this could have with my own course performance.” Explained Michael Sweenie, Head Golf Professional, PGA Advanced Professional and High Performance Coach.

“I have been very impressed by the results experienced by both myself and my students. I found I could have either at the start of a round – if I’d had a busy day before playing – or towards the back 9 when fatigue starts to kick in, especially in dry hot summer conditions.”

“I have also seen improved mental focus in my students using this product without the “shaky” caffeine effects which are a concern for any golfer – and are often seen from certain energy drinks on the market. I would encourage any golfer in need of an energy boost and better mental focus to use this new and innovative product. ”

Another reason to consider Revvies is that unlike drinks Revvies strips won’t having you looking for the nearest toilet mid-round, as they can be taken without water.

If you’d like to take Michael’s advice and try Revvies for yourself just click here and order a starter pack today.

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