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We all know that it is difficult to have enough energy to complete all the demands of work and home life, and still have enough left to enjoy time with family and friends.

Our caffeinated strips are the sugar, gluten and guilt-free pick-you-up you might need from time-to-time. The pocket size format means its easy to keep them close, so when your energy levels are beginning to dive you can just reach into your pocket, bag or glovebox, grab a strip place on on your tongue and in 30-40 seconds you’re ready to go.

The convenience of our strips make it easy to have smaller amounts of caffeine throughout the day rather than big doses a couple of times a day. Our strips contain 40mg of caffeine each. That’s about half a cup of coffee or half a can of a 250 ml energy drink.

Research has shown that moderate amounts of caffeine as a part of your everyday routine can help improve your mood, increase concentration and reduce mental fatigue.

From truck drivers to busy working mothers, everyone needs a little help sometimes to get on with their day, so why not buy this Aussie innovation online today.

Here’s 5 more reasons to try Revvies

  • Super Fast. The strip dissolves in seconds on your tongue, no mess, no fuss, no need for liquids – DO NOT CHEW
  • Super convenient – Revvies come in a handy pocket sized 5 pack, perfect for stashing in your purse, gymbag or glovebox. Ready whenever, wherever you need it.
  • Sugar-free, gluten-free and less than a calorie per strip = GUILT –FREE
  • Because Revvies absorb through your mouth and not through your gut, you can take them anywhere, anytime – even in the middle of a workout.
  • Cheaper per serve than takeaway coffee or drinks.