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Once upon a time there was an Aussie couple who lived and worked in London.

They loved the city, worked hard, played hard, exercised hard and like anyone living in a big city were always very busy and tired.

They hated queues!

And getting to the gym and realising they’d forgotten to have a coffee 20 minutes ago...

They longed for a fast, convenient and sugar - free Solution

One day at an expo, they met a company that could infuse ingredients on dissolvable mouth strips.

They thought: "Why not add caffeine? then we can have a coffee any time."

So they quit their jobs, moved back to Australia and with their Kiwi mate started working on Revvies.

They went through two years of painstaking R&D to develop the breakthrough product...

August 2013

Trialled the product in 180 independent convenience stores in Auckland and Sydney.

October 2014

Welcomed professional Triathlete, author and sports nutritionist, Pip Taylor to the team.

November 2014

Revvies became the first NZ and second Australian company to be accredited by Informed- Sport program.

December 2014

Launched as Revvies Energy Strips in a number of independent convenience stores and universities across Australia.

February 2015

Rolled out with Woolworths new small format stores in Sydney and Melbourne, launched with Fix Convenience in NZ, and launched in the UK.

March 2015

Launched on a number of university campuses across Australia and NZ.

April 2015

Completed fundraising to allow the brand to grow both domestically and internationally.

July 2015

Launched intp Newslink.