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Revvies Couch to 5km Challenge

Take The Challenge.

We're challenging you to go from your couch to running 5km non-stop in just eight weeks, exercising 3-4 times per week. If you take our free challenge you'll be using the locked-down time to:

1.   Improve your mood and overall mental health.
2.  Improve your blood pressure.
3.  Strengthen your immune system.
4.  Reduce your risk of heart disease. 
5.  Increase your muscle strength.
6. Strengthen your lungs.
7.  Increase you bone density. 
8. Aid weight loss/management.

Studies have shown that as you exercise your natural energy levels will increase and you'll get a better night's sleep.

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Everything You Need To Be Successful

Once you sign-up we'll give you everything you need, no purchase or payment is necessary.
From our own running journey we know three things are essential:

1.   A clear, easy to follow plan - we'll email you one.
2.  A goal to aim for - running non stop for 5km.
3.  A community to support and encourage you along the way.*

*With restrictions on face-to-face meet-ups, we'll provide you with free access to a supportive Facebook group of people just like you that are taking on this challenge as well as experienced trainers and runners who can answer any questions you might have along the way. 

You'll also get access to articles from our ambassadors and experts  on staying motivated, running technique and nutrition. And, we've included some great video content on strength & conditioning and injury prevention. 

We look forward to taking you on this journey!

Sign up now to take on our FREE 8 week challenge to get you from the couch to your first ever 5km! (By signing up I agree to being emailed further information on Revvies Energy Strips and their Couch to 5km programme.)

Well done on taking the first steps to becoming a runner! We’ve been where you are and couldn’t be more excited for where you’re going.
We are John and Jacqui, a husband and wife team and creators of Revvies Energy Strips.
We weren’t always runners, but slowly we started with a short run, then a slightly longer one, then more frequently and the more we trained, the more we loved it. Now, we proudly call ourselves runners. We still don’t run very fast, but we do run almost everyday, whenever and wherever we can.
You don’t need anything to get out and run, just you and a willingness to commit.
If like us, you need a little help to get going sometimes then please try 1-2 Revvies strips five minutes before you run. The caffeine in Revvies helps mask fatigue and reduces perceived effort, making your sessions feel a little easier, without any liquid sloshing around ;-)

Revvies Starter Pack (3 x 5PK)
Revvies Starter Pack (3 x 5PK)
Revvies Starter Pack (3 x 5PK)
Revvies Starter Pack (3 x 5PK)
Revvies Starter Pack (3 x 5PK)
Revvies Starter Pack (3 x 5PK)
Revvies Starter Pack (3 x 5PK)
Revvies Starter Pack (3 x 5PK)

Revvies Starter Pack (3 x 5PK)


Revvies little boost can help give you the energy to get up and get going.
They will also make each session feel a little bit easier, because the caffeine in Revvies masks fatigue and reduces perceived effort.
And because they work in just 5 minutes and there's no liquid, you can take them as you head out the door, unlike other sources such as coffee, which take 30-45 minutes to work with the liquid sloshing around whilst you run.
Our Starter Pack contains 2 x Cola Lemon 5Pk; 1 x Tropical Hit 5Pk (tropical flavour) and 1 x Revvies Arctic Charge 5Pk (peppermint and menthol); i.e. 20 strips in total for just £9.50 and free shipping!
As Revvies are used by many Olympic atheltes and accredited through the Informed-Sport quality assurance programme, you can have peace of mind that they are safe and that they work. 

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