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Revvies is crowdfunding soon!

Join our crowd today.

Revvies Energy Strips are changing the way people do energy. Our innovative strips are already used by Olympic athletes and professional sports teams, as well as recreational athletes, gym goers and those just to busy to stop. 

We will soon be launching a crowdfunding campaign to give you the unique opportunity to contribute to the future of our company. When the campaign opens, you will be able to help us raise capital in exchange for shares in our company. 

If you are interested in joining us on this exciting journey, please enter your email address along with a non-committal indication of the level of support you are considering giving us, and we will keep you updated on the progress of our campaign. By pre-registering, you will also be given priority access when the campaign goes live.


Your email will be collected and stored by us purely for periodic updates about our crowdfunding campaign. You may unsubscribe at any time. By submitting this form you consent for this information to be shared with Seedrs.com, our crowdfunding partner, to ensure you are keep up to date about all aspects of our raise. Your information will not be shared with another third party.

Why Are We Crowdfunding?

Revvies is rapidly growing. In the past year we have sold hundreds of thousands of Revvies Energy Strips, to customers in the UK, US, Australia and NZ, and we are launching a great new flavour, Cola and Lemon, and an extra strength strip with 100 mg of caffeine, further increasing the products appeal in Jan 2020.  Revvies use by elite athletes and professional sports teams has also grown rapidly, with Revvies used as many national and international sporting competitions.

To take advantage of the many opportunities in front of us we need additional funds, and crowdfunding allows us to gain these, whilst also providing a chance for Revvies lovers and supporters to join us our brand's journey, and share in our futures successes.

Achieving Our Potential

With success both online and through traditional high street retailers in multiple countries, and attracting both elite and everyday users, we know Revvies' unique fast, convenient and sugar-free strips are a winning format.

We want more people to know about the benefits of Revvies, and to make it available in more locations in more markets. We have a comprehensive integrated marketing communication plan to achieve this through increased brand awareness, product trial and purchase.

As we grow we also need people with the right skills, experience and attitude to join our team, so we can deliver on our potential.

Pictured left: Revvies Ambassadors Charlotte Purdue (current UK No.1 Marathon and Half marathon), and Aly Dixon (Olympian and 50km World Champion).