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These got me and my mates through Splendour in the Grass this year. Please for the love of god start selling them in shops everywhere.
Sean O'Keefe, Festival Goer.
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" arrive impossibly fresh faced after a long haul flight Revvies Energy Strips are just the ticket.. you won't have even got off the plane by the time it kicks in.", Travel Blog
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"One of the guys at the cricket club brought them to a game. Now we all use them. They're great for keeping us focused in the field."
Damian Sullivan, Social Cricketer.
Revvies has seriously been a life saver for me this week.. First week back at uni, and it has been a struggle to get back into the swing of it..but made so much easier to handle with my little caffeine kicks that i can carry around in the back pocket of my jeans..Revvies rocks. Thank you!!
Emily Ware, Uni Student.
I love these and Mr Tink is obsessed with them! Fantastic for early morning boot camp or motivation to get to the gym after work. Gave Mr Tink a strip Saturday and he mowed both lawns and washed two cars!
Tweet Mrs Tink, Health and Wellness Blogger.
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"Great boost in energy and alertness. Handy little strips."
Tweet from Mitch Evans, GP2 Driver
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Totally can't do caffeine on an empty stomach so tried one of these @Revviesenergy strips instead before my run ...weeeeeeeeee, went like the wind!
Julie W, Beauty, food, fitness and style blogger
"Revvies have become an essential part of my training and racing regime."
Pip Taylor, World Cup Winning Triathlete & Sports Nutritionist